There Is Nothing Faster Than Instant

Transform Payroll to Meet the Needs of Today’s Employee

For the 78% of full-time American workers living check-to-check any unforeseen expense or short-term cash volatility can turn into a financial catastrophe. Until now, hardworking individuals were forced to turn to predatory lending products that charge high fees and interest just to get by until payday.


This isn’t just a problem for employees. According to the Federal Reserve, employee financial stress costs employers $5,000 per year, per employee in lost productivity.


Now with InstantWage®, employees can get immediate1 access to their earned but unpaid wages before payday when they need it to pay bills and avoid unnecessary fees and interest.

See How InstantWage Helps Improve Productivity

InstantWage is Great for Businesses


Increase the Bottom Line

Employees are engaged and more productive when they aren’t distracted by financial issues


Reduce Cost

Save on the costs associated with issuing payroll checks and hiring and training new employees


Improve Retention

Reduce turnover and increase loyalty by empowering employees with financial security

How InstantWage Works for Employers


No Cost to Employers

There are no setup or recurring costs to employers for offering InstantWage to their employees1


No Integration Needed

Cardholder deposit history  is used to calculate an employee’s available earned wages


No Impact on Cash Flow

When an employee uses InstantWage, we provide the funds so there is no disruption to the payroll process1

Employees Don’t Have to Wait Until Payday Anymore

InstantWage was designed to help both businesses and their employees. No employee should have to wait days or weeks until payday or be forced to use predatory lending products when they can access money they have already earned.


InstantWage is more than on-demand pay. What makes it unique is that it is part of a complete financial wellness solution that provides employees with a better alternative to a traditional bank account.

See How InstantWage Provides Financial Freedom to Employees

InstantWage is Great for Employees


Make Today Payday

InstantWage provides employees with immediate2 access to their earned wages when it’s needed most


Financial Empowerment

Employees can get control of their finances and eliminate the consequences of an unexpected expense


Say Bye to High Fees

Employees can now avoid paying high fees and interest from payday loans, overdrafts or credit cards

How InstantWage Works for Employees

  • availableanytime_circle_icon_black
  • Available Anytime

    Employees can use InstantWage by going to their cardholder website or mobile app
  • easytouse_circle_icon_black
  • Easy to Use

    Select the amount, click “Yes, Do It!” and the funds are instantly2 sent to the paycard
  • instantaccess_circle_icon_black
  • Instant Access2

    For a small monthly charge, employees can access a portion of their earned wages within seconds
  • onpayday_circle_icon_black
  • Payback

    The amount transferred will be deducted from the employee’s next deposit
  • notaloan_circle_icon_black
  • Not A Loan

    InstantWage is not a loan so there is no interest to pay and no credit check or bank account is required

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Workforce with InstantWage.


1InstantWage provides employers with the funds for employee InstantWage payments. All InstantWage funds and fees pass through the employer’s InstantWage Master Funding Account, so there is no net cost to the employer.

2Website or network connection issues may delay funding.