The Cardplatforms Difference


Our platform controls the cardholder, corporate and employer experiences, allowing our partners to deliver a superior solution and the ability to easily expand, enhance and add products and services. BluBox™ powers our products and allows you to get to market quickly.



BluBox enables Cardplatforms to integrate with multiple processors and partners. New customers, whether obtained organically or through acquisition, can be added more quickly and inexpensively than with any other program manager.



BluBox does not store PCI data, but uses modern SSL/TLS to transport data when needed. Strong password requirements and mandatory two-factor authentication ensure Cardplatforms knows who our users are and that every action is tracked to a user. Granular access controls give us the ability to restrict user access to only the functionality they need.


By controlling the data on both sides of an acquisition as well as the consumer experience, BluBox removes the risks of portfolio losses due to cardholder dissatisfaction and data latency. BluBox ensures a smooth, accurate and immediate transition from one processor or bank to another. Opaque to the cardholder, BluBox allows Cardplatforms to take advantage of significant economies of scale across multiple transactions.



Cardplatforms has secured long-term contracts with multiple sponsor banks, non-financial institutions and prepaid processors, giving it a strategic market advantage and significant volume capacity for new programs of all types.


Almost 90% of our cardholder site traffic is from mobile and tablet devices. We provide a clean, fast-loading interface that is mobile-optimized for any screen size to meet the usage habits of your cardholders. Cardholders can also set up text alerts for deposit and transaction activity. We will also be launching Android and iPhone apps soon.


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